How to set profile picture and background picture! it is necessary to go to the very top of the page on the left side and click on your profile then on the fields that are in the center and that are marked with a circle and a rectangle are places for changing images when you touch the thought in the space itself, a camera image with a + sign will appear.

what to do if the account is suspended! The account can be suspended for various reasons, such as spamming or You are impersonating yourself or maybe your account has been hacked in these cases the account is frozen or deleted by mondevier and needs to be checked the username itself, whether it is frozen or deleted. Mondevier may remove or delete any account without notice.

support If you need any information, you need to go to the page @support and send a direct message to our employees.

how to post on the timeline section you have a field where you can enter the desired content and publish it publicly.

direct messages in the massages section you can read or send messages and how you want to contact someone you follow it is necessary to press the chat button next to follow/following on the desired person's profile

Timeline The Timeline section will display all the content from the people you follow as advertisements and promotional content.

Notifications In this section, you will receive messages from people who tagged you or who followed you.

Trending In the trending section, you will see all trending global events

Explore In this section, you can more easily navigate through posts and hashtags

bookmarks This future shows all the posts and announcements you marked as important.

wallet On your account, you can see your balance and top up your account with funds and it is also possible to send money to another profile without commissions.

Advertising in this section you can create and archive your advertisements that you want to publish.

Affiliates as you may know, this program enables all users who want to earn money they can do this by inviting their friends and followers who will subscribe to premium services.

account settings in this section you have settings such as premium futures, change of username change of email, adding a website, description on your profile, gender of the person changing the password as well as the language.

ACCOUNT VERIFICATION in this section you can enter information to verify your account.

ACCOUNT PRIVACY SETTINGS under this section you can rearrange your online privacy.

below you can find the notification system as well as downloading your personal data.

premium futures in premium futures, you can rearrange and activate some of the desired functions at any time.

display settings is a popup function for rearranging colors and the desired background for your profile.

in the drop-down menu you have the option ...more and ...less this enables additional options that give you insight into the added functions listed above at the very bottom of the drop-down menu is the Logout function